My DAP group and our glamorous presentation board.


Our samples of mateirals, paint, wallpaper, and flooring.


This is the interior model of the trailer.

    While DAP might be over, the road to eco-friendly living for our school community has just begun.  My group and I have also successfully finished a project bigger than the likes of any project we’ve ever done before.  We’ve learned a great deal about team work, time management, and everything to do with eco-friendly, vintage trailers.  At first I don’t think anyone realized how monstrously massive this project was. I then realized that it would actually be really hard. I feel very accomplished in assisting in the completion of my group’s green trailer design. 

Though I learned little bits about every aspect of designing a green trailer, I mainly focused on the interior modeling on Google SketchUp, the interior design, and the water system.  A learned a little bit more about the 70’s theme the trailer was supposed to follow and what would work in the interior.  I also figured out what products could be bought green for the inside of the trailer.  We were able to get green fabric, cleaners and soaps, paint, wallpaper, and other recycled materials.  These same types of materials can be used every day not just in projects like this one.  For example, I can use no VOC paint next time I paint my room, or purchase Mrs. Meyer’s soap for my house because the ingredients are biodegradable and mostly all natural. 

            Being responsible for the interior computer model of the trailer meant that I needed to learn how to use Google SketchUp, a program commonly used by engineers and architects to model structures.  I quickly figured out how to use it and spent a lot of time modeling the interior using imported materials for the surfaces of the trailer furniture and Google Warehouse models for the sink and light fixtures.  After late nights modeling things like the stove top and cabinets it was very satisfactory to see the model finished and mirrored in the physical trailer model made by one of my partners, Sofia. 

I thoroughly studied the water system and learned how a water system in a trailer is supposed to function and what configuration of the system worked best for the VENTURA trailer.  There are certain materials needed to make the water system safe, secure, and functioning.  My group and I had to make sure to include all aspects of the water system and I had to learn to digest and retain all of the information about how the water system works.

Tomorrow my group presents in front of teachers and a panel of professional engineers.  We’ve spent the past two days making note cards and rehearsing our speaking parts in the presentation.  We originally had some issues with unequal speaking distribution in the presentation because we are required to have equal speaking parts to get full credit.  To organize our presentation we have a color coded online document outlining who will say what.  I have a total of 15 note cards, but I feel that I know my speech very well and have to refer to them very little.  Other presenting materials include a pdf file for the judges to scroll through on their ipads, a power point containing the same information as the pdf, the physical interior model, our group poster board, and a box containing a sample of the gray eternity marmoleum we chose, our paint samples, and our fabric samples.  To give a look of unity and pride we are all wearing hair accessories made from the fabric we plan to use for the trailer.  My group and I are hoping all of the transitions go well and none of the judges’ questions stump us.  Considering that we’ve been working on this project for so long and no it like the back of our hands, I have no doubt we will wow the judges.  I am very proud of all that we have done.   In some ways I am glad to get this stressful weight lifted off my shoulders and in another way I wish we had more time to make the project as perfect as possible.  This project benefitted me and I’ve learned so much.  Wish us luck in presenting tomorrow!


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