The End is in Sight- Anjali Mani

DAP is almost over! It is a very odd feeling and I will occasionally open GoogleSketchUp, forgetting that the model has already been turned in. As our group was presenting the first day, we wouldn’t have class time to prepare, which admittedly was a daunting idea. So we decided to meet on Sunday at one of our group member’s house to finish up the project.



Together, we worked on the presentation board as well as finishing up the materials list and excel spreadsheet and were quite productive. After I had left, I worked on the PowerPoint presentation for several hours. This was a slightly abridged version of the poster board that  the judges would have easy access to. At first, we were going to rely solely on the presentation board and several photos of the trailer, but we realized that the judges wouldn’t be able to see the board during our presentation, so we adapted and used individual iPads so the judges could scroll through the PowerPoint at their own pace. While the elements within the PowerPoint were a group effort, for the most part, I was in charge of the PowerPoint and its general appearance.

The presentation board was largely a group element. We created the format of the presentation board together, and each went through our parts of the project to figure out how to best display our elements on the presentation board.  I did not contribute much to the actual construction of the tri-fold board, but helped with the prep work by cutting out the patterned paper to use it most efficiently. Image

We have been working on our speeches for almost a week now, so that aspect of the presentation wasn’t particularly concerning, but as with all major events, there were several changes to our presentation. After practicing the full presentation together, we switched around the order of our slides so the segments would flow naturally, and so that the transitions would be less sudden. Before practicing as a group, I worked on my speech at home. Public Speaking isn’t a particular strength of mine, so I practiced speaking slowly and making eye contact as well as memorizing most of my speech.

Honestly, I was terrified going into the presentation room. I was afraid that we weren’t ready; I was scared that the judges would ask questions that I couldn’t answer, and the entire morning I was a jumble of nerves. But, once we started talking, I was able to calm down and present my contribution to the project just like we had practiced.

Although we finished presenting, I am still worried. I feel pretty confident that our diagrams are accurate and our models are suitable, but I do wish that I had been able to use the 3-D printer to create a physical model of the trailer. Because of time constraints and logistical problems, I was not able to start the printing process which is disappointing because many of the other groups have physical models which add a lot to their presentation. As a whole, I am relatively confident that we did well. We work well together and I am proud of how we worked as a team. Now that the end of DAP is in sight, it will feel odd to move on, but I think that we are all excited for our next challenge.


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