Presenting Time- Jordan Reed

pv2           043

Tomorrow is the presentation for our group, and I am both excited and nervous! We’ve all been working really hard and I am sure it will pay off. I have practiced my part of the script at least 7 or 8 times, but I’m still a little nervous about going in front of the judges (I really hate public speaking). I do feel like by this point I know the material very well, but I want to 100% sure of myself for the presentation. I’ll just practice more until I’m super confident with it. I need to remind myself to keep the pacing reasonable (i.e., don’t talk super fast), look directly at the judges, don’t say um, and project my voice (even if we aren’t going to be in a very large space).

The tri-fold presentation board was finished on Wednesday and I am really proud of it. I cut out the title letters (using the letter cutter in the office), created the logo, finalized the budget, helped design the layout, and helped pick the patterns we would use on it. Overall, I think it uses the space well without crowding it, looks amazing, and is a great explanation of our final product. I can’t wait to see how we do, and I really think we have a chance for winning this thing. Good luck to everybody!

045              pv1


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