Almost at the End by Lorena Banda

This past week was one of my most stressful and nerve racking weeks of my Sophomore year. My group, LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company worked hard to get everything perfected. On Monday we worked on finishing everything completely and we wrote our individual scripts; on Tuesday we made sure everything was perfect before we put it on the poster and I also started making the PowerPoint for the judges to have in front of them while we presented; on Wednesday we put our poster together, I laid it out depending on how I thought it should look and everyone glued; on Thursday we practiced, practiced and practiced and we finalized our own scripts; and finally on Friday it was presentation day. I finished my exterior view on Monday so I helped everyone else on different things they needed help on.


These are the note cards I had with me on the presentation and they were there for in case I forgot to mention something.


On Friday we all got there early and practiced all together, but mainly after that we practiced our own oral presentations. I practiced a lot in order so I could know what I needed to say. My job in the presentation was to start off the presentation by introducing my group and I talked about how the presentation will be broken down, also I did my main part which was to talk about the exterior view of the trailer and towards the end I talked about the Pinterest that we had.


At the end of constructing out poster board this is what it looked like


We added a picture of us at the top of the title and the “LMJY” part of our company name on the picture


This is the 3D physical model that Yuvia created, which she showed to the judges at the end

I felt really confident on the poster board, all the different green materials we had for the trailer and the exterior and interior design. Things that I was worried about was that I would forget to mention something during my presentation, or that I would just freeze up there in front of the judges. Things to remember about oral presentations is to always make eye contact and practice what you are going to say.


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