Almost there… by Libertad Escobar

IMG_5051For the past two weeks I have lived, breathed and eaten DAP, specifically Google Sketch Up, so do not worry if you see a bite shaped piece taken out of computer, it’s not rats, just hungry girls . To prepare for the final presentation Google Sketch Up has become my cross, sadly the love I have for programs like Google Sketch Up is not enough to outweigh the hardships I have had to face with it. In order for our presentation to make its full effect the Google Sketch Up needed updating. Some of the major updates were to add the exterior metal trimming, an awning, the trailer hitch, propane tank, bumper garden, mason jars, wheels and any sort of safety lights and logos.Image

As well to prepare for our final presentation, my team member, Karrie and I, collaborated to make a physical exterior model of VENTURA. Karrie was in charge of making the actual shell, she is also extremely talented enough to have made windows that could be opened and closed. My part in the physical model was to give VENTURA its paint job, painting the windows, door, safety lights, etc. In regards with the presentation tri-fold I helped my group cut and glue different sections of all four of the main sections of our tri-fold (Google Sketch Up Models, Electrical, Water and Propane Systems, Green Materials, and Budget). As well for the tri-fold I created the title section with our team name, Trendy Trailers, and logo, “Eco-Friendly and Eco-Trendy”.

To prepare for our individual oral presentations my group and I delegated what each person would speak about in the presentation. My specific part in the presentation was to speak about repairs, vintage restoration, storage and the Google Sketch Up model. With my information narrowed down I was able to draft a speech, a total of two drafts in the end, to prepare for the presentation, then using the time constraints each person had I could trim and pin point my speech.  After the final draft was created for my speech, I had a team member (Annalise) peer review and help me edit. In this entire process I constantly kept going back to  8th grade STARS Communication Skills to prepare. According to 8th grade communication skills after my speech was written I had to create my note cards, writing down bullet points of important information from my speech or keywords to trigger my memory. To practice my speech, I created a system in which I read a section of my speech and practiced reciting it without looking at the paper or my note cards a few times, till I could deliver it smoothly. By doing this it then allows me to deliver the basics with ease and add in any extra commentary for the speech to be as natural as possible, to prevent my speech from sounding scripted.Image

Going into the final presentation I was very excited and ready to present and anxious to begin already, quite the odd feelings compared to other people. The reasons I was excited to present was, because I felt confident about what I was presenting and I was ready to just get it over with.  I can say I feel confident that I know all my information, we have been working on this project for so long that the information is in your brain access. Still, I am most worried that when I present I won’t be able to remember/access that information or during my speech I’ll forget to mention the key parts.

For my oral presentation I know its important to speak clearly, but with the limited time we have I need to find the perfect speed where my speech doesn’t drag on or is too fat. What is most important about speeches, for me, is to make sure the speech doesn’t sound scripted or like it is improvised, but sounds natural and the judges feel like I am speaking to them.


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