At The Finishing Line, Finally -Savannah Pena

We presented on Monday the fourth of March. I tried to keep clam until the presentation was over. I worked on the excel spreed sheet for the construction part of the budget. I also worked on the hand drawing of the electrical system so the judges could have a visual besides the 3D models on Google sketch up. Also helped out organizing the green materials sheet of all the materials descriptions and explaining how they were green and effected the environment.  I also helped prepare the tri-fold and putting the final touches on it and making it look good and made sure everything was on the board.

constuction budgetelectrical system


I prepared myself for the oral presentation by working on my speech in front of other peers because when its my turn to talk all the blood rushes to my face and I get nervous. Then I loose track of what I was saying and have a difficult trying to get on track because I usually loose a lot of confidence when that happens.  We practiced before we when on and I’m usually pretty good at explaining what I know. We’ve been working on this for four months, so I was pretty confident on the information I was going to give the judges. I was just worried I was going to mess up, and say something wrong. To take off anything that is distracting. To make a lot of eye contact that I wouldn’t normally make. It was had for me to choose what I was going to put on my note card because I didn’t want to forget any important information. I organized my thoughts then wrote them down, to make sure I had everything I had prepared for the judges. I also organized the order we were all presenting so we could have smooth transitions when it was our turn to present, so we could make it sound more like a conservation rather than a presentation; for appeal to what we had to say.
electrical system notecardbudget

all notecardsbudget notecard number 2


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