Befor DAP Presentation by Jennifer Martinez

Entry 3 picture

The way I prepared for the DAP final presentation was by making sure I had all the information necessary and that everything made sense and it was clear. I also made sure to have a lot of information as possible just incase the judges asked me questions. Mainly all the information I had came from the things I had researched. The things that I had researched were the green materials we were going to use and the electrical systems. I researched specifically about how come the materials were green and also I tried to make sure I got materials that were both cheap and green. For the electrical systems, I just searched the materials we were going to use and why we were going to use them. For example, we are going to use a solar panel to get energy from the sun and we need the solar panel if it is going to help us get the energy we need in order to create electricity.
The way that I contributed in the project is by making sure I had my stuff done and making sure it made sense. Basically all our information was connected with everyone else’s so we all had to make sure we were done in time in order for our project to be 100% complete. Independently, I had to practice a lot and make sure I remember my information but since it was a lot, I highlighted the most important parts just incase I got stuck I could just look back at my flashcards. I feel really confident on both the DC voltage wiring description and how that is going to work, and also the green materials. I think I did a good job explaining both concepts. I am most worried about the judges asking and making comments about things I am not so sure about and them making comments on how things might not work out. Some thing’s I should remember about oral presentations is to make eye contact with your guest, be loud enough, and make sure you don’t bore the guest. Also an important thing is to be confident and not to get so nervous.


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