Mina’s Pre-Presentation Blog

            On February 15th of last month, our group brought all of the basic components of our project together. Each member of team Trailer Babes had worked on a smaller specific aspect of the project. Specifically, I modeled the trailer’s exterior and designed the water system, Toni covered the budgeting, list of green materials, and Pinterest, and Sam laid out the electrical/propane systems and modeled the trailer’s interior. For the first time, we were able to see every part of our project and how it all fit together. The end was finally in sight!



            However, we were far from finished. In order to prepare for our final DAP presentation, each Trailer Babe improved her components of the design to ensure that everything was included and we would be presenting our best work. After doing our best to perfect our individual work and checking in with each other, we all printed out documents, pictures, and titles to put on our display board. We selected colors and backgrounds for the board, sketched out a layout, attached a title board, and glued everything down. I also created a PowerPoint presentation highlighting our green materials that the judges could view on individual iPads, and Sam printed up the electrical calculations as handouts that could be viewed during our presentation. Toni created a killer three dimensional model of our trailer. And did I mention that we did all of this over a single very long weekend?


            The next step was to figure out what would actually be said at the presentation, and then to practice. We determined that Toni would go first, and that she would cover the introduction, green materials used in the design, and budget. Next we would explain our systems (Sam would go first with electrical and propane, and then she would introduce me), and then move on to the “fun stuff” in our design. After describing the water system, I would move on to explain our renovations of the trailer’s exterior, and then Sam would talk about her model of the trailer’s interior. Because my parts took the least amount of time to discuss, I was also responsible for writing and presenting the conclusion.

            In class last week, we each wrote out what we wanted to cover in our speech and showed it to each other for suggestions. After getting feedback from each other and ensuring that as a group we covered everything we wanted to in our presentation, we each created notecards and got together to practice. I prepared for my individual oral presentation by improving on and securing paper images of the trailer exterior and water system, helping with the construction of our group’s display board, drafting out everything I wanted to say, creating notecards, and practicing as much as I could.


            Going into our presentation, I feel confident that our presentation will meet all requirements, but I’m also a little nervous. People who have gone before us say that it’s not that bad, but that some of the judges are mean. I know that our presentation will go ok, but I wish that we had practiced it more and used a timer to ensure that we are cohesive. I’m a little nervous about some of the specific questions that the judges will ask. While I feel that Sam has a thorough understanding of our design for the trailer’s electrical system, and I understand the specifics of the water system, I’m a little nervous about how technical the questions could get. What if we’ve completely forgotten to include something really important, or the judges ask us about something we don’t understand?

            Regardless, throughout our presentation, it will be important for us to maintain good eye contact and speak at an appropriate volume. When we go in, we intend to shake hands with and introduce ourselves to each judge. When other group members are presenting, it’s imperative to stand up straight and look intrigued. Personally, I need to work on talking slowly, and looking more relaxed and confident.

            I am confident about our visuals, and I feel like they will add a lot to our presentation. I am also confident that each one of us has worked our hardest on this project, and we all know our components of the presentation very well. I am also confident that all three of us are very quick on our feet, so if our group gets asked a difficult question, hopefully we will be able to put a positive spin on things. And most importantly, each one of us has passion about what we have to say. Maybe we are a little under-rehearsed, but an earnest presentation by passionate speakers who involve and inspire the audience beats something really well prepared any day. When I think about what we’ve learned or how far we’ve come as a team, it adds to my determination that we will do well. We’ve all put so much hard work into this. Now it’s time to get results. We are team Trailer Babes. We’re ready to kick butt!


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