Presentation, Nerves and More Nerves By:Susette Abad Cruz

Lately engineering students have been feeling very stressed and nervous for their DAP presentation which is HUGE deal because it determines whether you get college credit and a leatherman jacket, which are really cool !
For the final DAP Presentation my group and I oovooed the day before our presentation and practiced what we were going to say and what order we were going to say everything. We have been preparing for our presentation following the Group Presentation rubric which includes organized information, smooth transitions and a creative way to present our information. We have also been preparing for possible questions the judges might ask us and reviewing answers and small details so we won’t forget them.

For the DAP I specifically worked on all the systems, the water, propane and electrical systems. I drew in the diagrams for the water and propane system and how everything is connected, I tried to make it look as clear as possible. For the electrical system using our interior design I hid some of the trailer exterior to see most of the interior and added the Deep Cycle Battery which represented the 4 we are planning on using and and I connected everything according to whether it was the DC or AC system. I calculated the Amps the appliances use to find a solar panel that will meet our needs.   I also worked on the green materials list editing the pictures and descriptions.

I contributed to the tri-fold by drawing our basic layout on the paper Ms. Jo gave us so we can be better organized and I picked out the paper that was going on to the tri-fold. printing out my parts and having them ready to be glued and pasted on. I also wrote the captions for all the things that needed one and I designed the logo for our group which actually is tied to the interior design of our trailer.
For my individual oral presentation I repeated the introduction to myself many times to memorize it and just recite it during the presentation so I wouldn’t have to read it off some notecards. I am also making note cards with notes of what I’m going to talk about during my presentation and the order I will talk about them so I don’t trip up or forget something completely. I also wrote a rough draft of what I was going to say and added notes for future reference.


I feel really confident about our groups oral presentation in general, I think everyone knows their information well enough to recite everything exactly by memory which is very reassuring. I am also very confident about our tri fold which I really personally like and our powerpoint which looks clean and professional. I am more worried about our transitions and whether our presentation will be smooth and what also scares me are the judges’ questions, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to answer some and look dumb during our presentation.

A few things to remember about oral presentations include:

  • Standing with a straight back posture
  • Eye Contact as much as possible
  • Speak loudly
  • Speak clearly
  • Enthusiasm
  • Passion

Before our presentation I got bursts of hope and strength and sometimes I felt defeated. I wasn’t extremely nervous to where I wanted to cry but I was nervous enough to help me concentrate and motivate me to do a good job on the presentation. I’m glad we got some nice judges because it was reassuring and comforting also the fact that none of the administrators sat through our presentation helped a little because I would have felt pressure to do an extra good job.


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