Reflections on Presentation By: Samantha Bernal team Trailer Babes

Trailer BabesImageAfter everything was ready, I started to prepare my speech a week before the final day.  Every day during lunch, advisory, and after school, I went to work on my speech and the presentation board with my team mates.  I began to put all my materials and information together for my speech through my spiral and later condensed it to note cards.  I made sure there was nothing missing and that all the data was correct.  I contributed a lot to the presentation board.  I cut out the letters as well as glue and altered the backgrounds of all sheets.  Also, I printed out copies for all the judges to have and extra sheet to look at for calculations so they wouldn’t be confused when I explained.  I typed up the introduction and pasted it on the board for those who wanted to know more about my team and what the project was based on.  All night I was rehearsing my speech as well as announcing to my family audience for feedback.  The day of the presentation I was so nervous about it that I was shaking but I presented myself to the judges in a formal manner.  Shaking their hand, once they entered the room boosted my confidence.  Also, the good luck’s I got from my peers and parents helped because I knew in the end, it didn’t matter what I got for a grade.  I already felt proud of myself for everything I accomplished through the entire project.  I feel really confident about my explanation of the interior model as well as the propane system.  I really knew what I was talking about and studied on the subject well.  My drawings for my propane and electrical system were awesome.  I worked really hard on them.  I felt good about our presentation board too; we perfected it to the max.  I made sure there were no corners peeking out and there were no grammatical or spelling mistakes.  I was mostly worried about my eye contact with the audience as well as how loud and clear I spoke.  When I get nervous, I tend to look down and my mind goes blank.  Also the electrical system was confusing because that is very confusing to everyone and when there’s numbers which adds more complication.  I forgot to show the judges all my hard work that I contributed to the electrical calculations as well as the safety of the propane system.  I could have practiced my transitioning a little bit better so that I wouldn’t have forgotten anything. Right When I presented, I forgot all about my note cards and just went off by memory.I think I did really well on involving our audience in the presentation without any intentions at the beginning but it worked out really well and the crowed loved it. Overall, I think my group did really dandy.  We represented ourselves with confidence as well as being smart young women in the business world.

Presentation BoardImage

Notecards usedImage


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