The Beginning of the End- Jessica Hess

We’re nearly finished  with our project! Preparing for the presentation has been a little wild, high stress, time crunch. There were lots of mixed emotions in reaching the final product. trying to distribute the work load toward the end was challenging. I was in charge of a large part of the presentation board, organizing the layout and formatting the information to look nice. We tried really hard to make sure our board reflected the feel of our trailer.IMG_5054 Once everybody had their individual parts finished, it wasn’t hard to get them all put together. A did a lot of cutting and gluing and rearranging as we came up on our last day. I was really worried that we wouldn’t finish our board in time when we encountered some technological problems with our materials list. IMG_5061(2) It was really important for us to find materials that were not only very environmentally friendly, but also very friendly to the budget. Although we were defiantly looking for cheap prices, we wanted to find things that were very high quality,, things that would last a long time and provide exactly what the client needed.  090 I was also in charge of the water system, we wanted to change the way that the water system was originally set up in order to make it more efficient. We moved the weight to the back of the trailer in order to make it easier to move. We also moved the water tank closer to the sink to cut down on the energy needed to move the water. 084 We also spent a lot of time preparing what each one of us would say when we presented to the judges. We were in in charge of talking about a part of the project in which we had been working on. For me, that was the water system, budget, energy use, and materials. Making the materials list and the budget went hand in hand, they were dependent on each other.

087 We had to be sure that the money was being spend on Eco-friendly materials so that recycling this trailer could be beneficial to not only the people within our community, but also the natural environment. Our client gave us a budget of $6,000 which we were required to stay under. Fortunately, by the time we finished our research and had found all of the items we would need, we were nearly a thousand dollars under budget. 088 Over all I was very pleased with our final product. The board looked  great after a grueling 16 hours of work. We practiced our presentation a few times and I felt ready to go. I was a little worried that the judges would as us questions about things we’d never learned, but I was confidant that I could answer any question about this trailer. After spending for months with it, learning it inside and out, new and old, I wasn’t nervous to talk about it. All the hard work seemed to come together and finally pay off. The project is done. Let the judges judge, then all that will be left is that terrific task of making all our dream a reality. 094





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