We’re almost there: The end of Project VENTURA and Presenting

Preparing myself for a project this big was not easy. I’m still coming to terms, that DAP presentation is about to happen and that we will be done. To prepare myself for this project, I had to look at what I had completed in the project, which was the list of green materials, the budget of the trailer , as well as the Pinterest. The list of green materials, which looks like this on the completed board:

Green Materials list photo

Photo taken on Toni Akunebu’s Cell phone

had been one of the easier things I did for this project. To understand the list of green materials, I decide to divide the green materials into three categories: Needed Interior Items, Water/Electrical systems and Miscellaneous. This made it a lot easier to not only sort out the materials list, but to also talk about when I present each item.  I also worked on the budget of the trailer and made sure that we were well under that 6,000 dollar budget, which was the hardest things to do. Not only did I have to find products that were green and could be useful in the trailer, but I had to find the price, as well as the price with the tax, the amount we needed to buy and the source.  The last thing I worked on to be put on the tri-fold was the Pinterest and that was so much fun! I really LOVE Pinterest, its such a great resource to get ideas, thoughts and inspiration from other people from the internet. Here is what my completed part of the tri-fold is(Green Materials List, Budget and Pinterest):

Photo taken on Toni Akunebu's Cell Phone

Photo taken on Toni Akunebu’s Cell Phone

To prepare for my oral presentation of the project, I started my speech like I did last year in my STARS speech class, with an introduction. I wanted an introduction that would sure grab the judges attention and keep it there! So I decide to start my presentation with a funny RV joke to get them laughing . I didn’t finish typing up my speech, due to the time crunch, so I decide to put my speech onto note cards in order to have easy access of my notes for reference. In the end, I ended up with 28 note cards in total! It’s a good thing I had numbered them like I was taught in STARS, because I had dropped them once and it would’ve been completely horrible to have to put those in order with NO NUMBERS! Anyways, here is what my completed note cards look like:

Photo taken on Toni Akunebu's Cell phone

Photo taken on Toni Akunebu’s Cell phone

How I feel about this presentation is that I really can’t wait to get it over with! This project is really stressful and it is very challenging and I know that when I finish my presentation, I will be so happy that I had completed my first individual-no teacher assistance project.

Things that I am very confident about my presentation is when I explain the green benefits to purchasing a certain product and I feel good about this because I had researched it, so I really KNOW what makes each thing Eco friendly. I am also very confident about my introduction, because I feel I could get the judges laughing and paying attention to our presentation. What I am worried about is the questions, because you have NO IDEA as to what the judges could ask or not ask about. It could be about a specific product that you decide to put in the trailer or asking about the inner workings of the electrical system. I know in detail the specifics of our project, but I won’t necessarily say that I am an expert about green materials. Somethings that I should remember while doing my oral presentation is eye contact! It’s very important to be able to connect with your audience and also make sure that they are listening to you and that they understand what you are  talking about. Another thing that I should remember to do while presenting, is to make sure I am speaking clearly and loudly, so that the judges can understand what we want to do with the trailer.  Our final board looks good and I couldn’t be any prouder of my fellow Trailer Babes, here is a look at our completed tri-fold:

Taken on Toni Akunebu's Cell phone

Taken on Toni Akunebu’s Cell phone

The end of Project VENTURA is near and as I await the dreaded presentation, I go in there with mix emotions of  joy , nerves  and pride. But  most importantly the confidence that I will do just fine!

– Toni Akunebu

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