Post-Presentation Reaction By:Susette Abad Cruz

Yes ! DAP presentations are done and I think every single engineering student felt like a weight was lifted from their shoulders, I do. I am extremely happy and pleased with our presentation results and the judges’ reactions, I am also very proud of my teammates and my hard work and our presentation it all came out perfect. Before the presentation every single one of us was extremely nervous and we would sometimes get bursts of confidence and sometimes we were negative but we honestly tried to stay positive and confident because everything was going to come out great. Setting up the ipads was a bit slow because they weren’t cooperating and working slow and I was glad the judges didn’t mind our small delay.

I was slightly surprised that our presentation came out better than expected the judge’s reactions were all positive and our individual speaking and distribution of the presentation was a complete success. I expected everything to be smooth but then get bombarded with a lot of tough questions from the judges and what if’s. I also expected some constructive criticism but no we didn’t even get that, which I am super happy about. Some things we rocked were that we had a well planned out presentation and it was organized and even though I was worried about transitions they were very smooth and they were better than what I imagined. Also the judges loved our teal awning, they said it was something they hadn’t seen before.

Some mistakes that I personally made was that sometimes I tripped up on my words because I was so caught up on getting the information across that I would speed up my speech and stutter. As a group we didn’t have any major mistakes once in a while one of us would trip up but that’s normal since we were nervous and felt pressured. I found it so hilarious that a judge pointed out the small flaw we had in our poster when the exterior of the trailer was showing the teal interior because someone had accidentally cut out the exterior and the judge thought the teal color was part of our exterior. A small problem that did occur was that while Cristina was presenting her part of the PowerPoint she was behind one slide so she was talking about one thing and the PowerPoint would show the previous slide but that was basically the biggest mistake we had.

I don’t specifically recall any of the judges specific names but they were all very friendly and their comments were extremely empowering and kind. Some of the questions we got asked were:
-Is your trailer balanced regarding weight distribution?
-Why did you choose a small water tank with less water than what our industry uses which is 100 gallons ?
-Did y’all consider sun absorption when choosing the interior color scheme?
-How did y’all distribute the work throughout the group? Was there a leader ?

Some comments we received include:

“You girls work together very nicely and it seems like y’all made important decisions and that’s what made y’all’s group work together nicely”
“I liked y’all’s idea of enforcing the camping experience”
“We really liked y’all’s awning and it’s especially helpful for shade”

I don’t remember exactly everything but those were some comments and questions we received.

After experiencing the DAP presentation I would not change anything regarding the order we presenting everything the method we did which was through a PowerPoint although now I know it wasn’t so bad speaking in front of the judges as long as you know your information. The only thing I would change is that I would trip up less when I speak because it’s not that bad and you have your teammates support which is really helpful.

Some things I learned about the DAP project was managing my time between my other class work and my individual part of the DAP project now for me managing my time is much more efficient and easier for me. I also learned about teamwork and making sure I have alternate ways of communicating with my peers other than the ARS email when I need something from them. In projects Im used to taking over and being the boss and sometimes that’s helpful in some circumstances when the other team members are horse playing but I also learned to not hog the project and trust my members to do their part and get it done because Im very paranoid with deadlines and turning in my work when I need to .

The thing I will remember the most about the DAP project is the long process we had to do before getting to the final presentation and product, it was a very stressful time but it was also definitely a learning experience. Another thing I will always remember as well is the pre-presentation feeling and preparation. I will always remember how we were inside the library’s AV room practicing and freaking out amd the atmosphere was very tense. Things I hope to forget were the mistakes I made during the presentation which weren’t many but I prefer to not remember them.



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