Finally Done!

Stress Relief! The DAP presentation went better than I expected. We were lucky to be the last ones to present but as we saw people getting out of the presentation room we started to feel jealous that they got it over with and we still had four more days to go with the stress. The judges were nice and helpful. They seemed to enjoy our presentation. In my opinion I think we did well at explaining everything, especially the green materials. One of my mistakes during the presentation was that I think I talked a little too fast and didn’t notice it sense I was nervous. The judges were different types of engineer specialist. Groups that went before us mentioned that the judges were asking a lot of questions which made my group more nervous. When we were done with our presentations and the questions started the judges started off with positive comments which were helpful. A judge mentioned that we did a great job but we could have talked a little louder because we all have soft voices. One thing that I would of changed from the presentation probably would off been the water tank capacity because we had one of the largest water tanks but we really didn’t think how this was going to affect the RV. Another thing that I would have changed would be the time that my group and I practiced so that we wouldn’t have used our note cards as we did. Overall I learned how to work better in a group and practice my presentations skills which I really needed help but this showed me that presenting in front of a crowed isn’t that bad as you think. What I will always remember will be how stressful this project was but at the end of not sleeping for days everything was worth it.


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