Almost Done -Maria Flores

         What I did to prepare for the DAP was that I made a script with all the information that I thought was necessary and information that I got from the part that I was in charge of which was the budget and the interior design. The script went through a lot of changes because some parts didn’t have enough information or sometimes it had the wrong information. What really helped me do the scrip were the packets that we got with all the information on how to format the presentation. I knew most of the things that were there which they were more like remainders for me.  For the tri-fold we all contributed by printing out stuff and each helping cut and at the end gluing it on the poster which was kind of challenging sense most of the glue was gone by the time we started gluing. For my oral presentation I made flashcards which I studied the last couple of days before our presentations. We also video chatted the night before to make sure all our parts were long enough for our presentation on Friday. What I feel really confident about is the budget and the information I have for it. I feel nervous about presenting but am also being positive and thinking am going to do fine on it. What I worried about were the questions that the judges are going to ask because why if they are things that we forgot to research. What I also worried was if I stumbled during my part on the presentation since I was really nervous and more when the other groups mention that some judges were not that nice. What I remember about an oral presentation is that you have to try and not use the note cards a lot so you can make more eye contact with the audiences which in this case were the judges.Image


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