DAP Over and Gone! by Yuvia Ruiz


Our presentation has been done; we have finally met the judges and presented our project to them. Now after the presentation I feel a sense of relief. I could say that we were preparing even though we were somewhat nervous not really to present but to answer questions. But after everything I’d say we did a good job. Not really what we expected to our surprise it was less stressful then we though it be. We had a good amount of time to practice and we were all prepared. Even though it wasn’t like we expected it wasn’t bad, in fact the judges were really nice and seem to enjoy our presentation. This really made us happy even though most of our judges were mostly engineers and not our school teachers like some of the other students had before. However Ms.Jo was their which made it seem a little less intimidating since we didn’t really know the judges and had not ever seen them before. Overall I’d say we were really good at explaining and answering questions, indeed however maybe next time we could try to be less nervous and not read too much from our flashcards. Like one of the judges said that we all knew our material we didn’t need the flashcards. And in fact it was actually one of the comments that we received from the judges, now as for questions was just relating to the process of our project. Not many of the judges knew what our goal was though we tried to explain and answer their questions relating to water system which I had. In the questions it was relating to the amount of water we would have in the tank and if we had consider that 60 gallons would weight a bit too much. Though we had not considered this we tried to answer as best as we could.

Now after this DAP project I’ve actually learned a lot and will take a lot with me. Some of the things though however if I had the chance to change I would probably try to inform myself more over the section I had which in my case was the water system and the propane. But for sure the Propane system because I believe I did a good job finding as much over the water system, that I forgot to search over the propane system. But I would keep the good work we did in planning our due dates and meeting together as a group to create an awesome LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company.  And like I had said before during this project I learned a lot and one thing I will defiantly take with me is “Everything is possible. And everything you set yourself to you can accomplish.” And it’s true after this project which took and seem like forever I feel like I can do anything its true we didn’t really have much idea of what it would turn out or how systems worked but we all worked together and got it done. And I’ll always remember a little help is not bad but no help is stressful. But overall I am glad this is over and I won’t forget that I’ve worked hard and didn’t give up. And that has to continue as I grow to be a better person.

-Yuvia Ruiz


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