DAP Reflection-Carina Carrasco

I think that my group’s DAP presentation went OK, we could have prepared a little more, and there were small details that were missing in our presentation. We should have practiced a little more in order to be more enthusiastic when we presented, and should have made it more of a conversation theme. We could have included a little bit of personal experience when talking about the materials that we used and why we made the decisions of using those materials. It was a little worse than I expected because we weren’t as enthusiastic, and could have added way more details that could have made our presentation stand out. We did have some creativity in our presentation. Something else we could have done differently was to set specific deadlines for the individual parts(I set that for my self). I think that I did well when talking about how the changes that we have made are contributed to the model that I made. As a group we did well on describing what green materials were used and how they will be helpful on the trailer for the family. Some mistakes were not going in depth about all of the materials that we had, and having a visual presentation (power point). As well as not going in depth on the actual model representation, the interior and how things are incorporated.
There were two male judges and three female judges(1 was a teacher) .One of the male judges were retired engineers. One female engineer was an interior designer. There were a lot of comments about how we should have added more things or be more specific about certain things, as well as giving advice to help us with future presentations. I would have practiced more, managed my time better, and talk to the group more in order to have more ideas on how to improve my models. Something important that I learned was that you have to use time wisely and talk to the group as much as possible to make the presentation as efficient as possible. Something that I will remember is the comments that the judges made that will help make future presentations better and what is needed in a presentation.
Something I hope to forget is the stress and a couple of comments made about the presentation. Again as mentioned before we could have included more details to further stand out and be fully prepared for the presentation. Overall we included some creativity, just needed to work more on time management to include any details that have been forgotten.


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