Desiree Robinson – #4


DAP is finally over, it’s sad to see it go but relieving as well. Our groups DAP presentation went very well although I wasn’t expecting the grade we got. I can’t say I’m disappointed I think we worked together as much and as well as we could. Thinking back our presentation could have been a little more different and solidly, but at the end of the day I’m proud of how it went. I liked how we presented our poster board and 3-D model and I liked how well we answered the judge’s questions.

 It went exactly as I expected it to go. The judges come from a different variety of backgrounds and had their own opinions. Throughout the presentation I think I did my research really well and helped out with our whole design process. Our biggest mistakes made happened while we were presenting it seemed like everything we had rehearsed went right out the door. We basically just winged but overall I believe we did a good job and did what need to be done. Our judges were some retired engineers and we had two male judges and three female judges they were all very nice, and the male judges were the nicest, they made the presentation process easier. They gave us a lot of comments about what to do when presenting, and how we could have made connections to make our design plan sell even more. They asked a lot of questions about the water and electrical systems, they really wanted to know why we decided to use as much water and energy as we did.

I would have made more connections while presenting and given them more reasons as of why we bought certain things and how we planned to use them. I actually learned that no matter how much you dislike working in groups your partners are bound to be more helpful to your grade then harmful. They know things you don’t know and vice-versa so you got to help each other out. I’m going to remember how hard I tried on this project and the fact that I finished, I’m going to walk away with more people skills then I came with. I now know more about a lot of things and next time I have a big presentation I won’t freak out and overwhelm myself. I want to forget about my actions and behavior during this whole project.


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