Finally at the End by Lorena Banda

We finally finished! After the presentation I felt as if I had just released a bunch of the stress I had built up inside me throughout the past three months. I believe that my group’s DAP presentation went way better than I expected. I thought that one of us was just going freeze up there and not know what to say, but we didn’t, it all went smooth; although we did get a comment about our soft voices, and how it would be better if we spoke up more. I think that a mistake I made was just that I didn’t project my voice enough even though it is kind of hard for me since I do have a soft voice. But overall they said that they were proud that we actually were able to get through all the work and stress, one judge commented on how we walked up to each one of them and shook their hands, we thought it would be a polite way to say hello and a way to get a little comfortable with them.
Questions that came up at the end of the presentation were about our gray water tank, and about the process we took in order to get to where we were. Knowing what I know now, I probably would have told my teammates along with myself to speak up when presenting, but other than that I believe everything we did would have been the same.
The most important skills I learned from the DAP project were teamwork skills, since the project revolved around teamwork and making sure you worked well with everyone in your team; Sketch Up skills was another quality I acquired, which was very important when creating the exterior and interior sketches of the trailer; and finally presentation skills, I was able to practice my presentations skills more and I was able to figure out which skills I still need to work on for example projecting my voice and which ones I have mastered, which would be barley looking at my note cards.


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