Finished . Rosa Villescaz

Project Ventura is finally over, and after four months, I can thankfully say that I learned a lot. Our presentation went basically like I planned. Even though my group members and I were very nervous, my knees were shaking the entire time I spoke, I think we did a fairly good job. If I could re-do this presentation, I would talk slower and make sure my group was not as nervous, and most importantly, breathed. I’m very proud of my presentation on the water system. Because when one of my judges asked why a family of four would need a 20 gallon water tank, if each person uses about 100 gallons a day, I answered proudly the correct answer. I’m also very proud of my group members also, for thinking on their feet. We had two male judges and three female judges, five in total. In my opinion, it is harder to have fewer judges, because they will be harder on you, and there is no room for empty spaces. I learned a lot about water systems, and now I am planning to help my dad innovate is RV. I also learned about AC vs. DC electricity, but more importantly, I learned how to be a group member, and a productive leader.. I would like to forget nothing, because I really am thankful for this project.


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