Looking back on DAP………

I can finally say that I am SO HAPPY to be finished. The presentation that my group- Trailer Babes, had done on Friday was excellent! Surprisingly the presentation went lot better than I had expected it to be with only a few minor slip ups, here and there. But other than that the judges had nothing but praise to give.
Things that I felt I had rocked during my presentation, is that I felt I was able to really connect well with my audience by giving them direct eye contact, as well as by being very energetic and slowing down to take time to explain exactly what my team wanted to say. I had also had to integrate the physical model into the presentation which was tricky, but by having one of my group members hold up the model to the audience, while I pointed and explained had really helped with showing the judges exactly how our plan will play out.
I did end up making a couple of mistakes during my presentations, like when I was transitioning into talking about a specific item I would say things like ‘Ummm’ or ‘Uhh’ and I had also failed to answer one of the judge’s question, in complete entirety. But reasons for making these mistakes might have been because I was nervous and had lost my train of thought, and with not answering the judge’s question it might have been because I was put on the spot and felt that I had to come up with an answer right away.
Some of the judges were a mixture of male and female, along with Ms.Jo, Ms. Waite and Ms. Mauser who were also in the Bio room watching our presentation in the back. The main 8 judges who were critiquing our presentation though, many of them were related to engineering in some way- with jobs in chemical engineering or architects. Some of the question that the judges had asked was:

“Did you check to see if the water tank was in any way going to be toxic to the water?”

“Did your group considered the weight imbalance when putting the 15 gallon water tank filled with water on one side of the trailer and by having the electrical system on the other side?”

“Have you considered putting the solar panel on top of the trailer’s roof?”

And here are some of the comments that they told us:

“I really like how you guys really stuck with the vintage theme of the trailer, because that was such an important aspect to the client.”

“I liked how your group had really considered the community. When you think about it, the client isn’t going to be the only one to use this trailer, but the community and by having things like the Polaroid camera that snaps instant photos, that was really good thinking!”

Some things that I would have done differently was to have or make more practice time for my team and actually spent time on each section that my group members were going to present, to make sure they had understand and knew what they were talking about. I also would have done the introduction a bit differently and been a bit more serious.
Overall, I think the most important skill that I had learned from this project is teamwork. We have always been doing group work since as early as kindergarten, yet we had the help of our teacher. With DAP, we were on our own to make our own decisions as well as work together well in a team to get the task at hand completed in a timely matter. Teamwork is so important to learn and it’s a life skill that you really have to learn if you want to be able to succeed in life.
What I will remember the most from this project is some of the ideas that my group have came up for the trailer so that when I get older, I could use it to make my own vintage trailer with sustainable options, so that I can live in it and have many adventures in it! But from this project I definitely want to forget all those stressful moments.

-Toni Akunebu
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