Samantha Bernal : Reflection

After all the stress was over as the second we came out of the room, I felt like the presentation as well as the oral part went really well. I could have done better as an individual but I feel like overall as a group, we really presented ourselves like we knew what we were talking about. After hearing the comments from the judges, they were very positive and had very few questions that they had to ask because we explained ourselves very well. It went way better than I originally though it would turn out. We barely had time to practice as a group because of the unexpected issues we were realizing towards the end. We all did our part very smartly and everyone contributed their time and knowledge and that’s why we were successful in the long run.

As individual, eye contact was really good because I knew my stuff so well that I didn’t need my note cards. Also something I did really well was improvising. At a point I felt that we were losing our audience so I got an individual to answer a personal question that caught her and the audience’s attention which also had some humor behind it. I did not practice it at all, I just came to me, but I think that it gave the presentation a closer feeling with the audience because they had something to share. But something I forgot to do was explain my information completely. After getting the audience involved, I completely forgot about my electrical calculations and that was something I really worked hard at. But fortunately, I had the opportunity to explain it to everyone at the very end.

The judges were very nice and almost all of them were not teachers. There were 11 judges and they all had really nice things to say. They commented on the aspect of the project that we really considered the criteria of the client. Whatever Ms. Joe (our client) wanted, we worked our way around budget to incorporate it into the RV. There were also many positive comments about me involving the crowed in the presentation. They weren’t expecting that and neither was I but I wanted their attention. Some of their questions were answered easily by all the contributing facts of my teammates. They asked “Did you think about the weight of the trailer as to what goes where in the trailer?”  My team and I had no hesitation answering. We said that we did incorporate the furniture in the trailer to where there was more weight towards the back of the trailer because it’s safer.

After all the things I’ve learned from this project, I would change my time managing. Time was really tight for my group at the end, but over all I think we did a great job at our tasks. I would suggest the teacher not to use Google sketch up because once you have so many details in your design; the computer takes 15 munities to load and it really cuts into your time. The most important skills I learned from this project were leadership and time management skills. I learned how to step up and ask for things that needed to be done as well as knowing when I had to do my part too. I learned how to prioritize what I needed to do and what I wanted to do. This project affects not only me but my teammates as well. I want to forget those sleepless nights and forgetting to save my model that took 4 hours.  I will always remember the fun I had with my team and the struggles but it was all worth it in the end.


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