Savannah Pena: Relfection Blog #4

Our presentation went rather well, we had a few mistakes in our word choice and flow from person to person but over all we did rather well correcting those mistakes. It went better than expected. We all thought we were going to do horrible and that the judges were going to be mean and ask us questions we had no clue how to answer. We did really well on explaining in detail the setions we were in charge of and answering the judges questions. Some of us were nervous at the very begining and fumbled out words together because we didn’t know how the presentation was going to be, but we recovered quickly by helping each other out. We had a landscape engineer, Stem professor and a retired engineer. We had six judges, three teachers and mrs.waugh, mrs.goka and mrs.josephson come in and watch our presenatition. The judges commented us on our pictures of the trailer because they had no idea what the trailer looked like and they apperciated the hand drawings as well because it gave them a different perspective of the trailers interior. We would have done everything a little fast so we could have practiced our speech presenation better. We also would have maybe change a few slides to make the presentation flow better. I learned that now I don’t need to be too nervous about presenting becauase I knew quite bit abnout our four month project and it was no sweat afterwards. I need to be more confident in my speaking ability and my ideas about the project in the future. I will remember the hard work we all put in and the extra time we spent worring about the DAP project/presentation. I think we will all remember the presentation the most, even though it was a small protion of our grade, just because we finally got to show off all our hard work for the past four months in a fourty five minute session; because it was so nerve reacking. Also we will remember coming out ot the presentation room and the stress relif we all felt: light and care free. I hope I forget all the words I messed up in my presentation and how I got red in the face. I’m just glad the presentation part is finally done and we all did our best. I wish all the luck in the world for the next class on their DAP project.


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