We’re Done! -Rachel Zinsmeyer

We’re finally done!  Our presentation was slightly shaky in the beginning, and most of us spoke too quickly and stumbled over our words.  But as we grew more comfortable with the judges and our presentation area, and progressed into our own topics, our speech slowed and we spoke more clearly.  Personally, I think I might have slowed down too much- I was trying to make sure I was speaking enough and being clear in my description.  I couldn’t move my hands the way I wanted to, because I was holding the laser pointer in one hand and my note cards in the other, and it made me stiff and uncomfortable.  As my part in the presentation went on, I got a bit uncomfortable with how much I was speaking, and didn’t want my teammates to be pressed for time.  So I decided to drop the last note card I had on the interior design.  It didn’t matter, much, because I only left unsaid about LED lights being used and other minor, unimportant details.

I also had trouble with eye contact.  I’ve always been terrible at making eye contact- I never know how much to use.  I felt like most of the time I was just looking over the judges heads, and I hope this wasn’t too apparent in my speech.

We gave our presentation to a panel of judges that included a landscape engineer, a retired engineer, and STEM professor, as well as our teacher, Ms. Josephson,  and Ms. Waugh and Ms. Goka.  The judges asked some good questions, such as what the water in the water tank would be used for and what the regulations on dumping gray water were.  I thought that was a silly question, because it wasn’t very relative to the building process, which is what the project was mostly about, but I did my best to answer it anyways.

While I really enjoyed this project, it did get me into a lot of fights with my friends, which I hope we’ll put behind us as quickly as possible.  I do want to remember the feeling of relief when we walked out of the Bio Room, and all the fun we had goofing off after a long period of working.  I also want to remember how to use Google Sketch Up, and all the researching tools I gathered along the way.

This project was stressful, but fun and interesting, and something I’ll remember doing for a long time.


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