I now see trailers and appreciate them everywhere I go.

I now see trailers and appreciate them everywhere I go.

Almost two weeks ago my group presented our fabulous trailer design to a panel of judges.  There were 11 judges (about) that we presented to.  9 or 10 of them were professionals with careers in different parts engineering and at least one of them was a teacher from our school.  Our principal and vice principal also watched our presentation along with Mrs. Jo, people visiting our school, and other teachers.  I felt like we did pretty well I think things could’ve gone smoother, but luckily there were no major mistakes or mess-ups.  My group did about as well as I thought we would.  I felt that I made the right choice in mentioning that our hair ribbons were fabric from the trailer design because the judges laughed.  I went pretty in depth on the water system. I also felt like I projected well and appeared at least semi confident throughout the presentation.  We were able to answer the majority of the judges’ questions about the systems and other trailer aspects.  The majority of the questions asked were about the systems because they are the most detailed parts of the trailer in my opinion.  With my current knowledge I would’ve gone even more in-depth on the water system and just made more final tweaks to make everything a little bit better. I also would’ve not presented at the podium because our group didn’t know we weren’t exactly supposed to, though it worked with the number of people in the room.  After seeing the trailer completely gutted and all of the structures taken out I feel like my group should’ve redesigned the trailer layout instead of just the color scheme and materials.  This would’ve set us apart from the other groups design wise.  I would’ve picked the same materials, colors, and done much of the same things in the budget, systems, and green materials if I had the chance to do it over again.   I’ve learned how to better pay attention to budgeting, how to design a trailer, and a water system.  I learned how to be green and what materials are green.  I have a new appreciation for eco-friendly things and trailers.  I feel like everywhere I go I see trailers now and I wonder if they put as much work into that as we have into VENTURA.  I have a new comprehension of trailers in general.  When people talk about renovations I now feel that I have to suggest green ways to do it, like you could use no VOC paint.  I will remember the size of this project, the hard work I put into it, and what I learned from it.  I will try to forget the weekends and late nights I spent on this project and the stress.  Overall I hope that I can carry what I’ve learned through DAP into my future career.


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