Green scene design team: Stephanie Perez BLOG #4

In conclusion to our groups DAP presentation, I feel that our presentation went very well. Each one of my group members were well prepared and spot on with what we had practiced time and time again. Things that were better than I expected was the turnout of judges and the questions that I received from the judges. Where I thought they, the judges, were going to get super technical with the material. But the judges asked questions that didn’t confuse me or go to into depth with my material. Parts of the presentation that I thought were exactly as I expected to be was the presentation from my other group members, as well as the relief of presenting first.

Some things that I felt I really rocked were my overall presentation as far as my stance, projection, eye contact, not saying “umm”, and overall memorization of my knowledge. Although I do wish that I could have not made the mistake of mentally freaking myself out , because once I got started and into my information I was of course nervous but at eases that I knew my information and that I had practices many upon many times that I had no reason to sike myself out.

The judges that were at our presentation were some teachers (math), an architect, environmental engineer, engineering lawyer and an environmental specialist. The judge’s questions and or comments specifically for me were: What is the difference between a battery and a deep cycle battery, as well as why did I decide to have DC and AC included in the electrical system.

Knowing what I know now, I would have not done things differentially, because I am confident with what I presented and how I presented. I would only change my slightly shaky voice due to my nervousness. Overall the skills that I have learned from this DAP project has been time management, teamwork, collaboration, independent studding, finding my own sources of information, and not to forget the presentation do’s and don’ts for a professional panel. And I hope to remember how to present in front of a professional panel the most along with independent research skill. And I hope to not forget any skills that I have accumulated through this proses any time soon.


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