It’s Finally Over!!

Recently our DAP groups presented our final proposal for the eco-friendly travel-trailer, VENTURA. My group received one of the top four group presentation grades which definitely reciprocates the way I felt after presenting. Overall my group was really strong, because we all knew exactly what we were talking about, and were all well prepared for the presentation. I was a little bit nervous coming into the room to present, but once I started presenting my introduction I quickly eased up and felt like I gave a very strong presentation. After my other group members got through their parts of the presentation we opened up for further questioning by the judges which is where I personally think I really shined. Many of the judges were very complimentary which was a HUGE confidence boost. However not all of the judges were all compliments and some of them asked some very difficult questions, but I was able to answer a lot of them. The judges asked about things such as insulation, the flooring of the trailer, and the weight displacement of the trailer. I was able to answer a lot of these questions confidently and with ease, and although they were challenging I knew what I was talking about and I felt my performance in that area was very strong. However the one part of the presentation that I felt was not very strong at all was when one judge told me that she did not like my choice of colors, tile, and other things. I felt like I didn’t have an opportunity to respond to what she was telling me and my group members, and I felt rather uncomfortable because of that fact. Fortunately this was not similar to the rest of my presentation, and my personal scores definitely reciprocated this fact. Overall the skills I probably learned the most about with this DAP project were Google Sketch-Up 3-D modeling/ learning how to use a new program quickly, team work, and presenting in a professional manner. These skills will stick with me forever and I will use them in my future endeavors as an engineer.


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