Kaiyla Washington -Finally Done!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of me an my group members Triple A-K! I still can’t believe that we are in the top 4. I mean we must have did something right if we got this far.  During the presentation I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation the judges were pretty chilled and it was good to have some familiar faces in the audience that helped chill my mood a little bit. We made some mistakes some bigger than others but overall I am very proud to be apart of Team Triple A-K. Some mistake that I mad was  my eye contact and my confidence in the information says some of the judges from the presentation. But mostly it was just that my nerves got the best of me and I did my best to cope with the situation I was in.  Seven of the judges were engineers, for example one judge was a retired engineer, and we had Ms. Waite and some other teacher  guests also watched our presentation.Some questions the judges asked were where was our trailer going to be balanced out because of all of our systems and also where we would store our solar panels.

Now that we’ve finished this project, I think Triple A-K  did well overall. The only things I would change are how we spent our time in the first few weeks of the project and how we planned it out , and how much we practiced our speech. This project has taught me a lot about teamwork and splitting up tasks to each team member and working off of each others talents. The one thing that I will always remember is how much stress we was were all under and  how much thought we put into making the trailer look great. I hope to help work on the trailer once I get better.

Triple A-K's presentation board.

Triple A-K’s presentation board.




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