Project VENTURA= Success!!! Green Glamping Girls: Sofia Hruby

As fun as DAP was, I am happy that it’s over.  It feels good that I made it through this project and acquired a DAP credit at the same time.  Overall, the Green Glamping Girl’s did really well in their presentation.  We were all a nervous because so much was resting on this presentation.  Not only were there 11 judges in the room, but administrators, teachers, and Ann Richards foundation board members as well!  This elevated my nerves somewhat but my team and I were successful in giving our presentation.

 Our presentation was very thorough and we covered all aspects of Project VENTURA in 35 minutes.  Because we were so thorough, not as many questions were asked by the judges.  I introduced the Green Glamping Girls and Project VENTURA to the audience which was followed by Jordan and Chloe talking about the Google Sketch Up models.  Then, Chloe talked about the systems where I joined in briefing the judges about the technicalities of the electrical and propane system.  Jordan continued by explaining the green materials used and I gave a breakdown of the budget.  Finally Chloe concluded our presentation.  After we presented, the judges asked questions and commented on how we did.  We received a lot of positive comments and we easily answered the questions.  My group and I did stumble when a foundation board member asked about the horse power it takes to tow the trailer.  Since this was not part of the presentation, Ms. Jo helped us out.  Another judge asked about how the solar panels would be mounted.  Several judges commented that the inclusion of the MPPT charge controller in the electrical system because a standard charge controller wouldn’t have worked.  Another judge suggested that we didn’t use the podium and move around to change the slides of the power point.

If I were to do this project and presentation again, I would have tweaked the budget to include a yeti refrigerator which is similar to a cooler but keeps foods cooler for at least several days.  Also, I would have not used the podium (we thought we were supposed to) because transitioning between the podium and the computer was a bit awkward.

I am extremely happy with how my group did and I am really proud of our work!  I can’t wait to see how the final trailer turns out!


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