Until Next Time

YAY! DAP IS FINALLY OVER AND IT FEELS LIKE I’VE JUST GRADUATED! My group’s presentation went really well. The judges didn’t ask too complicated questions or questions that none of us could answer and nobody froze or forgot what to say. It was way better than I expected it to be because I thought the judges would be really hard on us or fall asleep because they were so bored but thankfully they didn’t. Overall our whole presentation was good, we all spoke for the right amount of time and we covered all our topics. The thing I think our group did best at though was sounding energized because although we were all tired from practicing and nervous standing in front of strangers we kept our voice clear, loud and as interesting as possible. But personally I think I did best at explaining my part in a simple way. Some mistakes I made were getting my words mixed around because of my nervousness and not saying everything I wanted.

During the presentation there were probably around 8 judges present. Some were teachers but there was also some retired engineers and architects there too. The questions they asked us were things like: Did we consider heat when deciding where to place the batteries? Did we consider whether the trailer would be balanced out? How come we didn’t make the trailer handicap assessable? And where will we store the solar panels? The judges also gave us comments on how to make the trailer more eco –friendly and homey. They told us that we should use fewer colors, consider collecting rain water and get rid of the spare tire.

Knowing what I know now next time I would practice more with my group so that we can have smoother transitions, add more words to our slide show so that the judges could read it if they missed something and I would make our presentation more entertaining so that the judges won’t get bored. The only thing I wouldn’t change is making slideshows because it helped me remember the direction of my speech.

Overall the most important concept I learned from DAP is the importance of trying to keep our environment clean and free of unwanted chemicals and materials. Some skills I learned were time management because we had to plan out when to have our presentation and speech done so that we could have time to practice and presentation skills because it made me feel prepared when we presented in front of the judges. The thing I will remember the most from DAP is walking out of the presentation room because it felt as if the world had been lifted off my shoulders. The thing I want to forget the most is all the stressed it caused me!!!

-Amanda Campos


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