WE DID IT! :D by Sabrina Lomeli

I loved the whole project but dear board am I glad it’s over. I can’t believe how well our group did on our poster bored:


And how much they actually liked our ideas :). We got a lot of very good feedback about what the judges thought we did well like how our awning took up the majority of the side of the trailer, or like how one judge (and yes as far as we know only one judge liked this idea xD) liked our idea of not having the refrigerator but used as the manufactures intended but to instead, use it as cooler, forcing the users of the trailer to be more connected to nature. Along with how they liked how we were one of the only groups who had brought up the fact that you would need a .5 inch off set from the flooring to the wall. As well as how they mentioned how they liked our storage of the solar panels.

Though we also got valor of constructive criticism as well, like how the judges informed US that we needed to use a “L” connector for the propane system instead of a “T” shaped one for a more efficient and convent connection from the propane tank to the stove.
So overall I think that the judges really liked our project and how well worked together, though I’m also very proud of how well we did considering our little set back that we had towards the end of the project. I mean we got a 90% :D. Over all the project just went very well and I hope that my final grade reflects how hard we worked :).


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  1. Awesome presentation poster!

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