DAP is finally over! Dayanne Acosta

After months of hard work, the DAP project is finally over! As much as I loved it I couldn’t wait to get it over with! Towards the end of the project the DAP group presentation was one of the things that we feared the most. We dreaded the day that we had to present. We were scared that we might mess up, or that the judges would be too harsh on us. However we practiced and practiced and our hard work payed off at the end. Overall, I believe that our DAP group presentation went very well. It was nerve racking at first but towards the end I stopped being so nervous and felt more confident. However there were times when I myself stumbled on words but at other times I felt like I did really good. Personally, while explaining the excel spreadsheet I got confused with the notecards, so by the end when I had to talk about the solar panels I decided to not refer to them, and I felt that I did a pretty good job at explaining them. My partners however managed to rock everything. Cristina did an excellent job at explaining the green materials, Sabrina did really good in talking about e electrical system and google sketch up, and for Susette she did a great job at explaining all of the systems, talking about the solar panels as well and answering questions.

Standing there in front of a panel of judges made up of administrators, teachers, foundation board members,  architects and retired engineers was not easy! We knew that any incorrect information they would notice and they would ask questions on. However I feel that the judges really liked our presentation and ideas. They asked a few questions regarding the water tank and if we were concerned of not distributing the weight evenly in the rv, the color scheme and whether if the colors that we chose would be a problem and several other questions. However all of the questions that they asked we did answer them really well. There were more comments made than questions asked. One of the judges commented on the awning that we had selected, saying that he liked the awning it because would keep the RV cooler. Another comment that we received was about our presentation, the judge said that we did a really good job at presenting our selves and our team members, and that she could see that we really valued each others work.  The third comment was regarding the solar panels and the baby bumpers. The judges were impressed that we took into account the storage for the solar panels.
Knowing what I know now about the presentation I would probably not use notecards or try to switch them out even if I don’t use them. I learned that I presented my ideas better with out notecards. Other than that, I would do everything the same because I felt that I did a really nice job. As for the project as a whole I would’ve pushed myself harder. From this DAP project I learned how to manage my time wisely, work with others and I gained experience presenting infront of a panel of judges. I will definitely remember that presentations are not that frightening if you know what you’re talking about. The DAP served as a life experience, and helped me improve myself in many ways.

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