DAP Presentation by Jennifer Martinez

My group was the LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company and we had presented in front of 11 judges, one of them being our engineering teacher Mrs. Jo, and the other’s being professional engineers. There were four male engineers and six female engineers. In my opinion, I think that our presentation went good. The judges didn’t have many questions for us so I think our information was clear for the judges to understand what our plan was and what we were trying to do. For me it went kind of a little better than I had expected but at the same time it went a little worse for me. My group member’s did a good job explaining and presenting and since the judges just gave us some advice on what to do while we present I think that was the better part of it because I thought they weren’t going to understand what we were trying to do and they would be asking us a lot of questions.

I also got scared because there were a lot of judges but in the end they were all really nice and they gave really good advice. At the same time it was a little worse for me because while I presented I kept looking back at my notecards and wasn’t able to make eye contact with the judges and I also kept getting nervous so I got confused on what I had said and what I needed to say. I was kind of disappointed on myself in how I presented and I know I could have done better but I was glad that my information was clear and the judges understood me and didn’t ask me many questions. What I think we did best at was the format of the presentation and how we presented the project and what we were doing. Also being clear on what we were planning to do how we were going to do it.

Although the judges didn’t ask me many questions, they did ask us things like what did we like most about this project, they asked us about the water system and also how did we know that the materials we are using are green/eco-friendly. They mainly gave us advice like projecting our voices while we are speaking and being more interactive with them, but besides that they said we did a good job. I found it nice and thankful that they gave us advice and how one of the women engineers had said that the type of presentation we did is the type of presentation that architects do. I think I would use the advice they gave to us on future presentations, I think it would be more professional and it’s just some advice that is helpful in any occasion.

Knowing what I know now, I think that the only thing I would have done differently would be making more eye contact with the judges, speak a little louder, interact with them and be more confident on myself. This would have helped my part of the presentation be a little better and it would make it seem more professional. I think that the rest of my group members did a good job with their information and their part of the presentation. Overall the most important thing I learned from this project is to work well with your team members, have confidence on your team members, and yourself. I think that if you have these three thing’s there is nothing to worry about whenever you have your presentation. Although you still need to know all your information because that is really important, if you work well together as a team and help each other everything will be ok. The thing I would like to forget would just be all the stress I had the mistakes I made. The thing I will remember the most about this project would be that right before we presented our group got together outside of the library and prayed and hoped we did good and all that we have been working on for the past three months would pay off. I think we worked really good together as a team and supported each other and helped each other whenever we needed it.


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