Jordan Reed- It’s Over!

The presentation went really well! I am so proud of my group members, we all worked really hard on this. We got into the top four groups, and I feel like we deserved it. We had a lot of judges, but we spoke clearly, were able to answer almost every question, and they seemed really impressed with components of out design and presentation. The 3D model Sofia made was really impressive, we all were able to keep eye contact, and we were able to transition well, especially with the amount of practice we were able to get in before the presentation. As far as mistakes went, there were some questions we weren’t prepared for, I stuttered a few times, and there were a few mishaps on the power point, but I feel like they weren’t large or super noticeable. Nine of the judges were engineers, for example one judge was an environmental engineer, and we had Ms. Lakshmanan. Ms. Goka, Ms. Waugh, Coach Cosgrove, Ms. Waite and some guests also watched our presentation. Some questions the judges asked were where we put our water pump and how much horsepower it would take to move the trailer. Now that we’ve finished this project, I think overall we did well. The only things I would change are how we spent our time in the first few weeks, and how much we practiced our speech. This project has taught me a lot about teamwork and splitting up tasks to best suit the talents of the individuals working on the project. Sadly, I think the thing I’ll remember the most about this project is the levels of stress we all endured for it, though by working on the trailer itself I hope to add that as a nice memory.


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