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Community First by Cristina Hernandez

Our engineering class went on the Community First tour. Where I learned many things. The main thing that I learned and will forever remember is that homelessness is mainly caused by broken families. Another thing I learned from one of the volunteers (Steven Hebbard) is that rabbits feces fertilize soil. Lastly I got to listen […]

Helping People Through Agriculture (Amelia Fisher)

Our engineering class recently got the amazing opportunity to take a Community First tour. Community First is a charity organization dedicated to helping chronically homeless people in the area, get back on their feet. The founders of this organization firmly believe in the phrase, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for […]

Community First – Kaiyla Washington

Community first is a non profit organization ran by Allen his mission and purpose of community first is to physically and emotionally help homeless people get back in tact with the earth and to human society. Nine years ago the community first organization had a dream to bring up a community to help the life of homeless people who have come from […]

The Upper East Side of Trailers

For an engineering field trip we had the opportunity to visit the mock version of Mobile Loaves and Fishes Community First! project.  The basis of their program is to help the chronically homeless get into a home and on their feet again.  The end goal is to have a close knit community made up of […]

Community First! An Inspirational Program

We recently were given the opportunity to visit Community First, a program that gives the chronically homeless a second chance at life through tiny home design. For 14 years the founders have run food trucks that give food to homeless/poor people on the streets of Austin, and 9 years ago they had the idea of […]

Community First!

Community First is an amazing organization that helps the chronically homeless get housing by helping them realize the skills that they had all along and using those skills to pay for the communitys eco-friendly housing. These housings are made by volunteers and members of the community,  though they also have a garden, chickens, rabbits, and […]

Serving the Community for a Better Tomorrow!

Several weeks ago the sophomore engineering class made a trip to Community First. We took a break from school to learn about how this organization was serving the community. This organization is an organization that rescues homeless from the streets, finds them a home in their site. Everybody in Community First is part of a […]