A Seed of Change by Yuvia Ruiz

Today we went on fieldtrip to visit Community First! A wonderful non-profit organization which helps lift chronological homeless up off the streets, by providing affordable and sustainable housing in a hospital environment. Although community first might help homeless, it also teaches all of us that we must always put community before our self’s, we need to give away to our community.   And I must admit I wasn’t sure about the project and why Alan wanted to help the Homeless but I actually learned something that I really didn’t know.  Most of us always probably ask our self’s whenever we see homeless people asking for money, “Why don’t they just get a job?” in reality is that it isn’t that easy. In order for someone to have a job you must have an addressed without it you can’t really get employed. Being homeless doesn’t mean you’re worthless, in reality most of them have a gift. As I learn more and more by visiting Alan Graham and the tour we received, it was interesting to discover that through helping, they also implemented staying green, helping the people connect back to the earth; using old things to create into new things. Not only did he informed us that he wanted to provide them with a home but he wanted to give more than just that. In his brainstorming he also wanted to make sure they had a church, resource of food (Garden) workshop, and medical community. Although the project is not quite fully done he has helped 45 people so far, he still continues to try and help more through Mobile Loaves & Fishes, where he lends a hand and helps giving a way meals for the most needed; making contact with them and informing them of his project.  As he gave us a tour I got to see four different housings wonderfully made by the group, indeed I was surprise to see how beautiful the houses looked. I must admit I was somewhat jealous, however it was wonderful to see what only one person can do and change the lives of so many people. I hope I can be able to lend a hand of my own soon and impact peoples life’s like Alan Graham idea did.

Visit Website: http://mfl.org/community-first/

-Yuvia Ruiz



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