Community First! A great way to help the community- Carina.C


Going on this field trip was a wonderful experience. I got to learn about a new organization that helps the chronically homeless. Learning about new ways to help the people in need, and how the chronically homeless have great talents that could be incorporate to better the community.  The goal of Community First is to help the chronically homeless and making their skills useful in the community, also build relationships empowering them to achieve something and giving them a place to call home. Incorporating the talents/skills of a person really shows me that they are an organization not just about giving the chronically homeless what they need, but also using their skills to be able to afford to live in a really nice trailer or a tiny house, and their skills/talents will benefit the community and will spread farther into the community showing people that just because you are homeless it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. Something that really stood out to me was that they grew their own food and raise animals not just for themselves but to the hungry as well. And the way that they build a relationship amongst themselves and others, in a positive manner. Also using old resources and making them good as new, like the trailers (they were really sufficient, affordable, and reliable). I hope to later on go back and volunteer at Mobile Loaves & Fishes to experience for myself how the community is really benefiting and help give to the poor by volunteering at their food trucks. The way that Mobile Loaves & Fishes makes resources available to other people helps the chronically homeless have a home and get a small job as well because many of them have great skills to help Mobile Loaves & Fishes grow and be efficient. There were so many unique things about Mobil Loaves & Fishes from the renovation of old trailers, and tiny homes to gardening, raising animals and giving to the community.  Since project ventura was about renovating a vintage trailer, we could make that trailer available to the community, with setting some rules/regulations, it would be a nice way for those families that can’t really afford to travel anywhere, and they will be able to have a nice camping experience.


Be sure to check out their website:

-Carina Carrasco


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