Community First! Changing Lives One Tiny Home at a Time

Last Friday the sophomore engineering girls went on a field trip to Community First! And let me just say this is the best field trip that I’ve been on all year. Not only was it informative and made me think about people other than myself but it was fun! Community First! helps the chronically homeless by taking them off the streets and offering them affordable homes and a loving environment. There they believe in helping the chronically homeless rediscover a purpose in their life by giving them jobs like a carpenter, painter or even a salesman.

The thing that makes this community so great is that they grow and raise their food. They have a garden filled with vegetables that they’ll eventually eat and they even have chickens that they raise in order to get eggs from. This community even has fishes that they grow to eat, but don’t worry they don’t eat all their animals! They own plenty of little kittens that the community members all love and a rabbit that’s expecting.

One of many chickens that produces the community’s eggs.

If this community wasn’t just for the chronically homeless then I would definitely want to live there. All the little homes are unique and have their own character. They have rvs, tents, micro houses, teepees and park homes. My favorite out of all the homes was the airstream because of how shiny the outside was and the color scheme on the inside-light blue and lime green. Another thing that made me fall in love with this community is their swing and canopy which was really comfortable to lie in. And to make this place the coolest ever they had a barbeque pit that looked like a bull!


The bull barbeque pit that the community uses whenever they all feel like coming together.



One of the many small homes that the community can rent out.

Community First! hopes to expand their community by buying 27 acres of nearby land. There they’ll build a medical facility, church, workshop, garden and even more homes! I can’t wait to see the final product which is expected to be done in about a year and ½. Be sure to check out their progress on
Thanks for reading!
-Amanda Campos


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