Community First! class field trip- Samantha Bernal


The community is trying to serve a good purpose,  to restore trailers for people who don’t have homes and this place teaches people how to grow food and get  back on their feet from their unfortunate situations.  The idea started 9 years ago, aiming for a goal to bring a community to help homeless with available resources and a bring people to care. Community First helps the homeless grow plants, care for them, and share with a neighbor. They re-learn how to care and nurture and they could apply that to their lives with other human beings. Their physical and mental health has been ravished by the environment.  A broken family and no help system is the number one reason for homelessness. First comes sheltering them with a home, then helping find a job, and this is part of the whole restoration process. The vision holds a church, a garden, a workshop, and a medical facility. They also vision to hold this village for 200 residents. It’s a way for others and the community to change their minds about homelessness. The homeless first need to settle and figure out their purpose in life, then find friendship. Finding the old and the broking things and turning into something new to work again, is what Community First is all about. As I made my way about the area, I really enjoyed being able to see what type of things the homeless are interacting with, like animals the gardens and a center around all the homes where they can come together and crate smiles and memories. To make this vision to become reality, they need help from the community, students like myself.  They need people with specialized skills to make this happen. This is not just a solution for homelessness; it’s a way of life.

“Our happiness in life is the purpose of life. Period.”- Alan Gram


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