Renovating Trailers, Taking Care of the Community and A Pregnant Rabbit By: SUSETTE ABAD CRUZ

Renovating Trailers, Taking Care of the Community and A Pregnant Rabbit

The main purpose of Mobile Loaves and Fishes is serve the homeless. They target this population because they know that these people most likely suffer from broken families and no support system, their physical and mental health is broken. Many people say that they should stop being lazy and just get a job but it’s not as easy as that, actually its not as easy as it looks to ask for help in the streets all day everyday, but homeless people have to resort to this because they have no other option. That’s why Mobile Loaves and Fishes will provide them with medical services, housing, basic necessities to survive, a garden, church and job opportunities to better themselves and help the community out.
Mobile Loaves and Fishes started out, nine years ago, as an idea of renovating an old trailer and letting a homeless person inhabit it. This person was named Sam. To this day he still lives in that trailer and he now lives a better lifestyle. To succeed what Sam did begins with caring for an animal or a plant. This helps people relearn what it means to be cared for.
Some unique aspects of Community First is that they have the homeless people they rescued restore trailers for other people to inhabit and what’s neat is that these people are skillful they’re not trained to restore trailers. These restored trailers are used as homes for the homeless who rent them, out and live a healthier emotionally and physically wise life. One of the requirements the homeless must meet in order to live in a trailer or whatever,living condition they decide they must pay rent which is not very expensive because its like $2-3 daily. Some other neat things they do is grow food, take care of chickens, rabbit and they make things like rocking chairs and art and sell it of. I was amazed when I heard that they even sold ice-cream at SXSW !
Something that I remember clearly thinking all throughout the tour was, wow these people started out with an idea and it grew into something successful, helpful and just amazing. I think it’s amazing how they still have hope for people who have lost hope themselves and society has too. This project has proven everyone that there is still hope for everyone and anybody can succeed and do wonderful things in life. I was truly inspired by this field trip to help out my community and think twice about people in the street, instead of just saying their lazy bums. I truly thank Community First for doing such wonderful service.
To learn more about Community First visit their website at:




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