A New Spark In Trailer Renovation – Desire’e Robinson

On May,14th when I first step foot on the 27 acres belonging to Community First I was worried. Visiting the Community First 27 acre development of renovated trailers  my first thought was “Oh no.! Lots of walking, I’m to sleepy for this”. When I found out they served the homeless I became more interested and thought this was a really good cause, plus the property looked nice so I became even more interested. 

Community First contains a Garden of many fruits and vegetables, Chickens, and Rabbits. Sort of like a miniature farm. They plan on expanding even bigger to having a whole fruit tree orchard and 120 chickens. They wont to at least be able to get 80% of their food from their own property. Did you know you can have a chicken egg for up to 3 days without refrigeration.!

Community First not only relieves the struggles of the homeless by meeting their basic needs of food, but they give the homeless a place to call home. And Community First developments is a unique program that lifts the chronically homeless up off the streets by providing affordable and sustainable housing environment. They had many renovated trailers for rent as low as $90 a month. The trailers were so cool, they had living rooms, showers, and bedrooms. This was absolutely the best part of the field trip. (Touring the trailers.)

In the end there is a lot that happens around the world we cannot control. Like earthquakes, droughts, conflict, and other natural disasters but the hungry, the homeless and the sick, we can help. By coming together as an community like Allan Graham and his family did 9 years ago.


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