COMMUNITY FIRST! Annalise Martinez

“Serving God by serving those in need.”20130514_105648
The motto that the people at Mobile Loaves and Fishes live by. The Ann Richards Tenth Grade Engineering Pathway girls had a great opportunity to visit this great place. Nine years ago, these wonderful people have come together to lend a helping hand to those who are homeless and living on the streets. They provide food, clothing, and comfort to them and build strong relationships with them. Mobile Loaves and Fishes give out about 1,000 meals a day on trucks to homeless people all over the Austin area. Building strong relationships with these people is very important to Mobile Loaves and Fishes because once they get to hear their story and their struggles, in due time, they offer them a gradual place to stay at Community First! (CF!) 20130514_104224Mobile Loaves and Fishes concluded that most of the problems that the people have that make them homeless are problems in their family. This program helps rebuild that gap in their lives by taking them in to eventually help them get decent jobs such as a carpenter, painter, and/or refurbish-er. These help them become stable and able to pay rent at the trailer park homes. The people of Mobile Loaves and Fishes also believe that growing and harvesting plants, as well as caring for animals is a good healing element because once they’ve shown great love and nurture for the plants and animals, they will be able to do that with people and develop strong bonds. This program accepts anyone who is chronically homeless with no acception of registered sex offenders.20130514_103658
I love this program because Mobile Loaves and Fishes really have a passion for serving God through serving others and it makes a big impact on the community as well as the people whose lives are being changed around. It was such a great opportunity to be able to tour the grounds and take a look at the trailers and RV’s that were renovated and redesigned specially for the homeless to live in eventually. We could really connect to the different trailers because we spent a good amount of time redesigning one for class. I loved how each individual trailer had its own theme and little things that made it unique and special. I also admired the gigantic tipi that was also being used as a home and was decorated to look western. This program relates to our school mission statement because it incorporates the “…solve problems creatively and ethically in support of our global community” which was a big thumbs up!

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