Community First Project- Savannah Pena

We took a field trip to Community First. This is a place where a plan/project to help the community is in progress for about nine years. Allen Graham had an idea and wanted to do something for the community. His mission for the for the project is to create a community of people who care about each other. He cares and gives people a chance to have a second chance and use their skills efficiently. This project helps people who have problems keeping up financially. This project gives an opportunity for people to get up on their feet and develop what they have lost.  It is a twenty seven acre plot of land. It holds around two hundred people. Its a very resourceful community like taking things that need to be thrown away and making them useful. The people who apply to this community have many skills that can give back to the community. Allen Graham is just an ordinary guy who just wanted to help the community. He goes out and hands out food to the hungry.

There are different housing choices with the amount of money you make for rent.  You can rent a tent for $90, a micro house for $200, an RV for $325 and/or either a park home $375. Allen gets donations from all over the place from different places. Then he has people who live in the community fix it up for others and made it livable.  They apply and they run a full background check to make sure they make the community more livable and safe.

Community first has a partnership with Genesis Gardens. Steven Hebberd the director of Genesis Gardens works with Allen so the people who live in the community have fresh produce and they stay healthy. They all work together to build this community because its still in the process in the making. They are in the process of working with the university of Texas for the tiny house construction and others to build this community.

This project is unique because not many ordinary people would do this sort of thing to help others and take them off the streets.  An idea that popped into my head while we were on the tour was livestock. Giving the people a chance to care about living things within the community. Also why this sort of project isn’t more common to help fix the problem.

We can donate our trailers once we get more than enough to go around and donate them to the community first project, or we could help support them by donating money. The community first project relates to our schools mission statement by actually solving problems creatively and ethically. Allen Graham did a wonderful thing by creating this idea for the people who need some help.


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