Helping the Community is what we do! –Maria Flores

On May 14, our engineering class took a little trip to see what Community First was all about. What we got to see was unique, something that you wouldn’t see very often. What started off as several food trucks handing out food to the homeless became something even bigger. Community first is a program that lifts homeless up from the street and providing affordable and sustainable housing.  Community first goal is to create a 27 acres of a community of RV’s for homeless people with certain resources such as Gardens, medical facility, a church, and a workshop to give a home to people that never had one or lost theirs in a family issue.  One of their many purposes is to help homeless people re-discovered their purpose of life and to give them a place that they can call home.Image The coolest thing I saw there were the different types of homes that are available to the homeless people with affordable renting prices that will help their struggles on finding where to sleep or eat end. Community first relates to our school mission statement by solve problems creatively and ethically. They helped homeless people by not only giving them food or money but by helping them find their talent that can help them start over and become someone in life for example the people that started making furniture with recycled wood  helped them see what they were capable off.Image It also relates to engineering because they did the same thing as we did on our DAP project by remodeling an RV. We could incorporate Community First to Project Ventura by remodeling an RV for homeless people instead of doing it for a family camp out  and by this were not only serving the community but we’re also helping everyone around Austin. Some ideas that came into my mind while on tour at the Community First location were to make this a bigger event than it is right now so that more people know about it and help so that they can create their vision faster than they anticipate.



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