Mobile Loaves and Fishes/Community First- Jennifer Martinez

On May 14th, our engineering class took a field trip to see Mobile Lovers and Fishers/Community First. The reason for this field trip was to see how trailers are being renovated and remodeled to fit in a new working community. Although there are many important people working and getting involved with this mission, the main person who started this mission is Alan. Alan is what you would call, the director of this show. He is the one who came up with the idea and decided to start Community First. The purpose of Community First is to create a community for homeless people who have lost their jobs or who have nowhere else to go. It’s support’s them by picking them up back up of their feet and giving them another chance to restart their lives and have a good future. This land will be 27 acres and there will be a church, community garden, workshop, medical facility and many other things.

A unique thing about Community First is that it makes the homeless people feel loved and welcome. It makes you feel like someone does care about you and you feel at home. The community garden will make everyone in the community come together and work together. Another unique thing about this mission is that they take old things and make them into new things for example remodeling old trailers to look brand new. This mission is like Project Ventura because it involves remodeling and renovating old trailers. It helps the environment because both projects do thing’s for the environment and have some aspects that are environmentally green. This relates to our mission statement because we are being green and helpful towards the environment. Also because we are getting the community involved to make a change and difference in other peoples lives. We are also improving our community little by little.

– Jennifer Martinez


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