Teach a Man to Fish -Jessica Hess

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ”

Our visit to Community First gave us all a great opportunity to see a different way of life. Community First is a program that stated 9 years ago, helping people who are chronically homeless find homes and  jobs. The purpose of the project is to create a family for people who have lost theirs. Because a broken family is the leading cause of homelessness, Community First strives to teach people how to care about one another. Having a place to cal home, something consistent  helps people to have hope and to be more productive. Community First creates a place of comfort, love and learning for people to grow in and create purpose to their lives. The homeless are able to discover their own gifts and understand the gifts and talents of others.

It is a  27 acre property with a church, garden, health services, and 60 homes for the chronically homeless to rent out and live in. The rent on the homes is kept low so that people are able to afford to join the program. The RV’s are $325 per year, the micro homes are $200, the tents at $90 and the parked homes are $375 per year.  The people at Mobile Loaves and Fishes were inspired by Genesis Gardens to provide not only a place for the homeless to grow their own food, but to also care for animals. By  raising these plants and animals they learn how to take care  of something and how to trust themselves. The homeless learn to create new things out of things that are old and broken, which they are then able to sell.

Seeing how these people are able to take what most of us see as nothing and turn it into a life was really inspirational. People who have fallen so far down that they don’t think they can get up. People who have lost their family, lost hope, and lost love. People who have taken all of their problems and turned their lives around. These people are no different from the rest of us, they’ve hit a rough spot, as all of us do, but no one was there to help them. This program gives them the help that they’ve so desperately been needing. This is so closely related to what we look to do at our school in solving problems creativity and ethnically and supporting our global community. The people at Mobile Loaves and Fishes are teaching men to fish.

There are many volunteer opportunities related to mlf and Community first. Visit their website and get involved!




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