Tiny Houses, Trailers, and Teepees, Oh My! All at MLF!

Last week our engineering pathway went on a field trip to visit Community First!  Community First! is a program run by the Mobile Loaves and Fishes organization that works to give homes and communities for homeless, less fortunate people.  Mobile Loaves and Fishes was created originally to give food to those who cannot afford it, they slowly added on more projects and now create communities for people who cannot afford to live in one.  The main causes of homelessness are low wages mixed with the high prices of housing, mental disease, addiction, and a bad family or failing support system.  The Community Fist! mission is to help the homeless get homes, a support system, and a better life hopefully helping them to get a job. 

                We were given a tour by a man named Alan who helps run the organization and Community First! project.  I learned that the area for the project is 27 acres.  This will eventually include gardens and animals as well.  There are trailers, tiny houses, and teepees for people to rent out at low prices.  They reuse a lot of the material used for these construction projects.  The homeless people help to built furniture out of old wood and old items.  This furniture can either be sold for money or used for the people who will live in the Community First! area.  The gardens are for people to grow their own food, the animals promote the care for another living thing, and they will also be used as food, and vending carts are used to raise money for the project and the people. 

                These trailers were similar to the project VENTURA trailer in the sense that they were redone using some recycled materials.  The housing (teepees, trailers, tiny houses) gave us an example of small space living done right, which can hopefully inspire us for our own trailer’s execution.   I also got a few other ideas from the Community First! project for VENTURA.  We could incorporate more gardening into our trailer idea and we could use wood from lumber yards and McCoy’s as they did.  This was a very inspirational experience and the Community First! site and the housing were very impressive.

Here is the link to the Mobile Loaves & Fishes webiste to learn more: http://mlf.org/

-Chloe Coronado Winn


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