Community First!


Community First is an amazing organization that helps the chronically homeless get housing by helping them realize the skills that they had all along and using those skills to pay for the communitys eco-friendly housing.

These housings are made by volunteers and members of the community,  though they also have a garden, chickens, rabbits, and fish that they can use to eat.

One of thier beliefes is that if you czn learn to grow a plant then you can learn to take care of yourself. Though thier community isn’t just a solution for homeless but is also a model for all communities.

They also offer jobs for the homeless to teach volunteers to garden and buld. One of my favorite one of thier motos is “How dowe addresshomelessness? Relationships.” 
I stongly believe that as engineering students of the Ann Richards School we should volinter our time to help them build houses or donate our renovaited trailors to them.
-Sabrina N Lomeli


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