Community first !

In visiting the community first organization, on our recent field a branch of Mobile and loaves. Mobile loaves being founded in 1998, as a church ministry by john Newman, and later becoming a nonprofit in 2000.  From this Alan Gram and many other supporters of Mobile loaves created community first, which is a place for the chronically homeless to come and live in an affordable home such as

– Park model homes: $375

– Ecofriendly RV: $325

– Micro- house: $200

– Teepees: $90 (each month)

While also providing and embracing the use of gardening, woodworking, farming, ect.. As a part of giving a new roles and ownership to the chronically homeless.

Community first currently has the intention of expanding to a 27 acre plot to further embrace the use of affordable housing for the chronically homeless. And help more than 200 people with the use of their community.

The community first family is a great way to help give the chronically homeless a way to have a home and help make connections within ones in our city/community. I would defiantly recommend volunteering at community first and taking your own part in this wonderful organization. As well as any chance you have to buy their wood working products, such as benches, swings, birdfeeders please do!

  And for more information visit first/

-Stephanie Perez


ImageImage Some housing , and items built by the chronically homeless


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