Serving the Community for a Better Tomorrow!

Several weeks ago the sophomore engineering class made a trip to Community First. We took a break from school to learn about how this organization was serving the community. This organization is an organization that rescues homeless from the streets, finds them a home in their site. Everybody in Community First is part of a big chain. Once the homeless people are rescued they are given a home, which they have to pay for of course but its cheaper than what other people have to pay. The housing available to them varies between a tent, a micro-house and a RV. To stay in a tent the homeless people only have to pay $99 a month. For a micro-house they have to around $200 and for a Rv they pay $375 a month. Those are some pretty good prices huh?

Once they are five a home the homeless are start renovating RV’s which eventually become the home of other homeless people.  They also take care of the garden, take care of the chickens, and make art work. The artwork that they created was amazing! from paintings to chairs we were really impressed by their skills. They posses a lot of different skills which are then put to work in this organization.
Community First’s overall plan according to Alan, one of the founders of this
organization is to be faithful; to serve god, and to serve those in need, which in this case are the homeless. Community First’s plan is to have a 27 acre land that includes a medical facility, housing, a garden and many other features to the homeless.Here the people in need are given the care that they had been looking for, for years.
The homeless people also give back to the organization. They are the ones who keep everything going. I don’t quite remember the name of one of the men’s who lived there but he went out to the community to sell food to the people living there. This money that was made would go to the organization to help keep this organization going.Community First is not only an organization that helps people but its also an organization that brings many people together. The homeless people become close to the volunteers and establish a strong relationship with them. Community First serves the community for a better tomorrow.


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